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December 20, 2017 diego 0

Optimism is a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. The inner strength that helps you get through tough times - optimism -2

Optimism and Entrepreneurs

December 19, 2017 diego 0

Starting a new business never means that you will get successful overnight. There will come many hurdles and failures on your way of success. However, there are many individuals that fail only after the first few attempts. - optimism - 3

The Privilege of Optimism

December 19, 2017 diego 0

A question which comes to mind so many times is the age-old question about a Pessimist becoming an optimist. While it may take quite an effort trying to adapt the mental connections of the brain to perform in a way not used to, it is possible for optimism to be learned, by way of psychological immunization